Baby Paradise

BABY PARADISE Yearly PACKAGE (Tablet + Enlightenment Ceremony)

Babies Paradise tablets located in Multi-Purpose Complex (Semenyih).
365 days of offering with chanting.
Dedicated 4 times (minimum) enlightenment ceremonies per year.
Professional service to ensure a total peace of mind for purchasers.
24 hours security.

Babies who return to heaven before the earth attachment

The ill-fated children do not get to live through a life span that they are entitled to and at the same time, they are denied reincarnation in the underworld. As such, they presence looms the living world, entangling their parents all the time. This will affect the ‘Yang’ energy of their parents, causing many adversities in life such as career obstacles and poor health. For parents who have suffered from either a miscarriage or abortion, it is time to release the soul of the ill-fated children from the suffering through devoted blessing rituals. This helps exorcise the inner guilt and frustration as the children find their sense of belonging and relief in the underworld.

Set your soul free by lifting your benevolent virtue

Warding off the evil spirits
Purgatory finds it doors within the merciful Lord Buddha who helps untangle the spiritual conflicts as the little ones march on to the Pure Land.

Affirming the pathway for reincarnation
Pray for the little ones who have entered the reincarnation realm so that they are blessed with joy, benevolence, wisdom, wealth and food.

Overcoming obstacles to spiritual growth
Spread your spiritual generosity to the masses so that they are free of ill feelings and sins.

Uplifting your joy and wisdom
Pray for the joy and wisdom of the living souls so that they could fend off the evil retribution, sickness and other disasters.

Seeking spiritual relief
Relieving the infant spirits from the suffering allows their resentment to settle and break free from entanglement as the parents attain a spiritual closure.